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Burn, Baby, Burn

6 Sep

Last week I tried my first Brooklyn Body Burn class.  O.M.G. Now I know why it was dubbed “Pilates on crack.” The class itself is challenging, you’re shaking, sweating but definitely feeling it in the right hard to target areas (are you scared?! don’t worry it’s nothing you can’t handle).  The next day and the following 4 days, I was hurtin’.  That says A LOT.  I go running regularly in addition to  going to the gym, attending full body conditioning classes, boot camps you name it.  So for me to be THAT sore for that length of time, tells me this is serious.  It’s not the cheapest class but you know what, the way I look at it, it’s an investment in your body and you only got one.

The great thing about this class is that it was created by a classically trained ballet dancer, Tracy Karlinsky.  Which is why I love it so much.  Especially as a runner, I need a workout that is going to lengthen and strengthen the muscles that I don’t activate while running.  The workout targets your arms, abs, and every inch of the booty.  If you live in Williamsburg and are looking for a challenging workout to tone and tighten, THIS IS IT!  I can’t wait to see the results from after a month! I’m hooked! Heading back for more burn tomorrow morning.

If you want more information you can check out their website and watch their video here


image via (not me but I’m hoping for those arms!)


image via


Now That Summer’s Over, You’ll Need A Fabulous Swim Suit For Sp’ 2014

6 Sep

Well it’s Fashion Week here in NYC and that means lots and lots of amazing outfits, reminding me Fall is approaching and I NEED to go shopping because of course, I have nothing to wear (life story).  However, the shows are for Spring 2014 so obviously I’m thinking hmm…what swim should I be wearing for 2014.

My amazing friend Jodie Boland, is an incredibly talented makeup artist who is constantly jetting around the world (super jell) making beautiful women more incredibly beautiful.   Today she was the lead Makeup Artist for the Australian Spring 2014 line, Zimmermann.  I highly recommend you take a peek at their website if you’re not familiar with the line, the swim is  to die.   I literally Want. Everything.

photo 2

My friend Kate and I at Lincoln Center

photo 3

Having a “look! that’s my friend” moment

My iPhone however, was not my friend on capturing the looks, so to spare you bad blurry photos here are some professional shots of my favorites from


Image Courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Photo courtesy of


Photo courtesy of


The designer, Nicky Zimmermann.

Amazing right!? I can see myself in the black long sleeve suit, hair in a chic chignon with some champers lounging at Soho House with Jodie wink* wink*  Follow Jodie’s travels on her instagram: jodieboland.  Happy Fashion Week!

These Flats Were Made For Walking…

19 Apr

Wearing heels in NYC is a toughie.  Now don’t get me wrong, at 5’3 heels are my saviors in this tall, tall world.  However, my feet will not allow me to meander around the city or work all day in them (I’m usually running around).  Unless I’m a. being driven or b. carry flats with me, my heels take a back seat (very annoying).  The problem is I HATE buying flats, heels are so much more fun to buy…they elongate you, make you feel good about yourself and totally sexify your legs.  My flat vs. heel ratio in my closet is like 20 to 1 so I’m trying to bump up the cute flats in my shoe collection, without breaking the bank.

Of course, JCrew has come to the rescue in that department (thank you Jenna). They have created a whole Ballet Boutique that makes shopping for flats fun! I mean this is a SERIOUS one stop shop.  They have every color, pattern, fabrication conceivable and the site is really fun to peruse. Feast your eyes.

I highly recommend you check it out if you are in the market for some comfy cute flats.  I opted for the poppy red in the classic style to liven up my mostly dark/neutral wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear them!

Pics to follow (when I feel cute).


My Fav Prezzie

27 Dec

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone got everything they wanted and ate to your heart’s content.  I know I did, so that means I will be starting my juice cleanse and amp up the workout regime starting tomorrow.

The previous post was about the knuckle rings from this super great store in Brooklyn called Catbird on Bedford Ave. My boyfriend definitely listened to my hint got me the knuckle ring and two threadbare rings the I LOVE.  I chose the gold color since that seems to fare the best with my skin tone.

How cute do they look?

I am also a huge fan of this nail color.  In case you are wondering what color it is the perfect matte (I added a clear shine overcoat) red color by Deborah Lippmann called “It’s raining men.”  I swear nail polish companies come up with the best names.

"It's Raining Men"

Finally, here is moi with the great gift giver himself.

Wearing my favorite Merah earrings "The Sarah"

What was your favorite gift this Christmas?  Happy Holidays!!!!!!

xoxo, Miss Smalls

Letterman Jackets

7 Dec

Pull out your Letterman jacket, they are making a comeback.

I’ve been seeing them pop up in collections and I have now started to see people sport them as part of their “look.”  I decided to do some research on the Letterman jacket or “varsity jacket” as commonly known to find out a wee little bit of back history.

The idea of a Letterman jacket began at Harvard University in 1865 when their baseball teams began embroidering their uniforms with the “H.”  They gained popularity in the early part of the 20th century and by the 1930’s the wool letters began appearing on jackets with leather sleeves.

SO, if you’re ready to sport your very own Letterman jacket I found this amazing website that allows you customize every single little detail…..majuhhhh.  Or if you’re on a budget, scour your vintage stores…they typically aren’t very hard to find.

And now for some inspiration:

Pre-cursor to the jacket

Balmain- only $10,400 if you have access to that kind of mulah

Alexander Wang

cute paired with a sequin dress- love me some sparkle!

Street Style

Rag and Bone FW 2011

Phillip Lim

Bottega Venetta

Taylor Momsen

Liv Tyler at the Stella McCartney Show

Lady GaGa



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