Our UK Trip P. Deux

26 Jun

After our stay in London, it was time to pack up and drive towards Cornwall for the wedding.  We headed south to Calne to visit an old friend of my dad’s whom I hadn’t seen since that first picture you saw in P.1.  When I was a kid I totally thought he sounded like a pirate!  It was DEFINITELY worth the stop.  We got to drive through the back roads off the main highway and see the country.  The colors were INSANE.  All that rain, makes for a gorgeous landscape.


Thatched roof buildings

We really wanted a typical British pub lunch. JR took us to this amazing place, the Bridge Inn in Horton….I mean….definitely not in Brooklyn anymore! We had really good food, the people were incredibly hospitable and we had a great time catching up.  Thanks John! If you want to check this place out, here’s the link to their website http://www.thebridgeinnathorton.co.uk


The Bridge Inn, Devizes, England


The sun decided to finally come out this day! Chilly, but sunny! I’ll take it.


Their beautiful back garden

P1040208 P1040199



The ever fabulous JR! Thank you for the hospitality and yummy pub lunch!

Once again, sadly, we had to continue on.  We had VERY important business to take care of.  Onward we continued, without a map, without “sat nav” only JR’s instructions and me praying Mike would remember the way.



Hi cows!

Finally, we made it to Mecca.  Mike has had me watching every show, history channel EVERYTHING on (drumroll please) THE ROCKS! aka Stonehenge.

I cannot state how big of a deal this was.  Mike being from Liverpool, has never once in his life visited Stonehenge so  this was a must on our way to Cornwall.  BEHOLD!


This will be Mike’s new album cover


IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1904 IMG_1907

It’s a bit “ruiny” it but will be nice when it’s finished.

We got some ice cream and headed south west to Cornwall.


The whole reason we were taking this trip was to celebrate Mike’s cousin Graeme getting married.  We finally made it to our hotel, the Wheal Tor.  Although the weather was very unpredictable, we did get to see the view on the day of the wedding.  I forgot to take a picture so I’m borrowing this one from their Facebook page.  This is the exact view we got, it was breath-taking. Freezing, but breathtaking.


The best part was all the animals they had! They had chickens, pigs, guinea fowl and a pet lamb! The breakfasts they cook are locally sourced and their eggs and meat come from their animals.


Petting pigs!


the lamb that thought he was doggie


The morning of the wedding we decided to check out the nearest town. Looe! Yes, it’s really called Looe.  Although the morning started off with a downpour, LUCKILY, it decided to clear up and we had a great time with Mike’s brother and his family discovering this gorgeous town! We ate pasties, clotted cream, clotted cream fudge and tea! (everything naughty)

P1040245 P1040246 P1040247

Mike and his nephew, Alex


This building is from the 17th Century!

P1040249 P1040252 P1040255

What was once a jail….


Some local Looe fashion

P1040257 P1040258 P1040260 P1040261 P1040268

photo-10 photo-9

I guess boys will always be boys 😉 Mike and his brother messing with a giant piece of seaweed…….


And of course, Cornish goodies!


It was then time to get ready for the wedding.  The Bride, Corrine couldn’t have picked a more beautiful venue.  It was held at The Green in Cornwall.  You should definitely check out their website if you’re planning a visit.  Their cottages were divine! A perfect Cornish getaway. Thank you to both families for allowing us to share your day!


Corrine and Graeme 6.15.13


Just Hitched! Mike’s cousin the groom



The back of the brides beautiful dress-loved that it was NOT strapless 😉

Signing the documents, the gorgeous couple!


Mike’s mum, Lynda and his Auntie Hillary

P1040285 P1040289

Mike and his cousins, the Groom’s brothers


The Bride’s bouquet


Table settings of various tea sets sourced from around England

P1040313 P1040314

Proud new parents! Mike’s nephew Tom and his girlfriend Helen


Love is in the air! Mike’s Uncle Allen and his Auntie Hillary

P1040321 IMG_1943

Mike’s mum Lynda, made the GORGEOUS cake!



The happy couple



On the right, cousin   nephew Alex, brother Andy





After a fun eve of dancing, drinks, and celebrating love the party sadly, must come to an end.  Mike snapped this great shot the day after and I think it’s a great image to end it on.  We had a great time traveling around London and traveling to Cornwall then onto Devon. Thank you to the bride and groom and both families for having us and allowing us to help celebrate your special day.  Have fun in Bali!!!! xoxo


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  1. JR June 27, 2013 at 6:03 pm #

    Hi Suzanne and Mike.
    Loved your blog and thanks for the mention. Hopefully We will do the same with JMS if he gets himself over here. Take care both.

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