Our Trip To The UK P.1

22 Jun

Ours, like many others begins with a flight to Heathrow Airport in England.  We began our adventure in London off the Oval stop.  This was my first time returning to London since I was wee little nipper.  The picture on the left is obviously Christmas (we still have those apple decorations) and the image on the right was taken in Calne, England which will bring me to P.2 of the blog post.

My boyfriends’ auntie Carol owns flat in which we stayed the first two nights..thanks John and Carol!  The place is on this amazingly cute street, just as I’d imagined.


Attempting to look posh

Mike’s crazy talented niece, Lucy, who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the wedding surprised us with a visit!!! Sneaky, sneaky…

Albeit short, we had a lovely dinner at the Fentiman Arms. A really cute restaurant with outdoor space (shocker, it was raining so we sat indoors). Should you find yourself in the area, I suggest to give it a go! Here is their website just in case you want to check them out, food was delish. http://www.geronimo-inns.co.uk/thefentimanarms/

Here they are in typical Uncle/Niece business (sorry Luce! had to post this, was too cute!)


Muckin’ about


on second thought, should have moved that wine glass…..


Can’t go to England and not have a pint!


At the Fentiman Arms. Mike, Lucy, Mike’s mum, Lynda, n’ me

Since our dear Lucy had to bid us adieu, it was time to use what little energy we had to spend it around town.  You’ll notice I’m going to be wearing pretty much the same outfit each day on every part of the trip as it was FREEZING and raining EVERYDAY (thanks England) and I brought nothing that was for this climate.  I don’t know what I thought the temperature would be but it was definitely NOT summer.

So, I bought a brolly and I sashay’d my way down into the tube and headed for london!


We only had one day to sight-see in London so we hit the mega spots.  Of course, our first stop was Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and …..Buckingham Palace! or “Buck house” as the locals like to call it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 10.51.18 AM

photo 3

I guess the ominous clouds are the perfect backdrop!

photo 2

You might be asking yourself what this image is about.  Mike thought it mighty important to document as this is “lucky heather” that is given to the tourists walking by the gypsies in exchange for money.  It’s supposed to shorten your stay in purgatory….however they were just lying all over the streets! So make sure you pick it up if you’d like to get yourself out of purgatory a bit quicker, oh, and it may bring you a bit of luck! Nothing wrong with that…..


“me lucky heather!”-Mike

But of course what is a trip without some memorabilia?


An egg holder and a x-mas tree decoration that was too cute to pass up

So onward we trekked, Mike saluted his country and his Queen……..

photo 5

We saw the fab outfits the guards sport, they looked SUPER happy I thought



photo-1 P1040157

As we were going to be missing the “Trooping of Colour” to commemorate the Queen’s birthday (being held the following day), I thought we’d pop on by and wish her well.


photo 3-2

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 7.05.34 PM 2 photo 1-1 photo 5-2

Weirdly enough, I saw Harry staring down from the window! Hey boo!


After much pomp and circumstance, it was time for some shopping.



If you love your department stores, this place is worth the stop.  Located on Regent street in the West End this building simply BEAUTIFUL! After conducting some research, Wikepedia.com enlightened me on the fact that this building was constructed from the timbers of two ships the HMS Impreganable and the HMS Hindustan (errrm ok).  Anyways, the woodwork in the building was just gorgeous.  The interior looked like Shakespeare’s theatre, words cannot describe, you’ll have to just scroll for the images. I highly recommend going in and taking a gander and walking the multiple levels of this jewel.


This beautiful building was founded in 1875!


photo courtesy from Amy Arch on Flikr


Looking up!

We headed around through little streets, don’t the buildings look fantastic???



That’s one way to save on parking!

Stopped to use the phone on my phone……


Hi Ma!

Finally, we ended up at a local pub so Mike could meet up with his mates and we had a blast!

P1040057P1040037 P1040039

And no night is complete without a stop to, but of course, the CHIPPY!!!!!

photo 4-2

Thanks for reading!!! P.2 will follow us to Cornwall and Devon


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