Juice your way to fabulousness

16 Mar

Wow, time has really flown and ONCE AGAIN it’s been like a million years since my last post….this new years res is totally not happening.

I am really into health and fitness, why I haven’t posted anything in that vein on this blog is beyond me.  So, I decided the first “fitness” geared post should be about juicing.  I’m a HUGE fan of juicing.  I know a lot of people get their juices from their local juice shop aka Health King or Juice Generation, but as we all know those can get ‘spensive.  If you’re on a budget, but want to start juicing at home,  the juicer I totally recommend is the Breville Compact juicer.  It’s pretty maj and will look cute on your counter top, another plus.  If you’ve been looking to invest in your body, this one is on sale at the moment from Crate and Barrel for $99!  Which is an uh-mazing deal considering juicers can cost into the hundreds.  I’ve done a TON of research and the Breville Juicers take the cake, they have easy clean up and powerful motors.

Breville CompactSo if you haven’t gotten into juicing you’re probably asking why juice?  Can’t I just go to the store and BUY the apple juice or the orange juice from the grocery store?  Answer: no.  Why?  So many additional chemicals, preservatives and sugars are added to the juice that you are damaging your body rather than replenishing.  Fresh juices provide you with all the vitamins and minerals that your body CRAVES, plus the fact you are in control of what veggies you are juicing and you know exactly what has gone into that glass of juice.

You’ll find that with a glass of fresh juice daily, increased energy, glowing skin, a stronger immune system and feel what my friend Alex and I like to call “A-Bloom” (translation: gorgeous from so many major vitamins flowing through your system).

My favorite juice?  Carrot, Apple, Ginger, lemon, celery…yum!

My favorite a-bloom drink

If you still can’t afford the $99 juicer, I suggest you beg, borrow or ask for this on your next gift receiving day ie. birthday, wedding, christmas whatever.  Your body will thank you.

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