Fighting For Our Home-one plastic at a time

3 Feb

There’s a problem.  I have to see it daily and it won’t go away until I change it.  It frustrates me, angers me and saddens me (no it’s not my boyfriend).



be still my beating heart


I think I'm having a heart attack (clutching heart)


and worst of all THIS!

Call 911


Yuck, yuck and more yuck.  Yes, that’s the only word I can accurately describe this scenario with.  This is the kitchen scene at work.  It pains me to a. see people using these products with their food and b. each item being used ONCE and thrown out like yesterday’s news.

It’s 2012 people, could we please be a LITTLE less wasteful?  (oh and might I add there is in fact a dishwasher of which I’m the only person that uses it).

one more time to why we shouldn’t even be using this in the first place: IT WILL NEVER EVER FULLY DEGRADE.

Stephan Becker, founder of Beautiful Oceans, studies the plastic pollution in our oceans says it best “Plastic is particularly damaging because it is not biodegradable and plastic particles, although invisible, remain unmoving in the water and eventually become part of the food chain.”  IN FACT it already is.  He has found in gyres (areas of oceans where the currents are strong and create a horrid “soup” of garbage) “..there is five times more plastic than zooplankton. The plankton have plastic debris in their bodies, which means plastic has entered the food chain, since zooplankton are at the core of the marine food chain.”

(Marine Science Today)

Hello people, we are going to have particles of PLASTIC running through our veins.  If that alone isn’t enough to give you cancer then I don’t know what is.  Furthermore, most of the plastic cutlery is made from polystyrene which is made from oil.  A chemical called Benzene is used to manufacture them which causes cancers specifically leukemia.  Mommies, take note, you’re probably buying plastic utensils for your kids next bday party.

What saddens me is that the corporate world could have a HUGE positive impact on our planet with a few simple green steps that would not only help our Earth but also save the company $$.  I found a post about this company in Singapore called Capital Land who has given these little goodies to their employees in an effort to reduce the waste.

Great Idea!

My goals for a greener kitchen at work:

  • ELIMINATE plastic cups, we have glasses.
  • Give people the option of real silverware, if we must use plastics replace them with biodegradable options (I talked to the facilities guy and he said spends $80 a week per floor just for the utensils alone!)
  • Get rid of all the plastic plates and bowls etc replace with real dishes and actually use the dishwasher available.

You would think these would be easy things to change, but I seem to have encountered many bumps in the road because people can’t be bothered to change.  I did ask the person in charge of all facilities in the building that if they didn’t have time to implement change for the entire building I’d be happy to work on solely my floor first…… as a starting point, needless to say I haven’t heard back….yet.  LUCKILY, I found someone in the office willing to help and he suggests we go to her boss and request the change.  UNLUCKY for them, I’m a taurus, persistent and stubborn.  I will get change!  So, stay tuned for updates in the future. FINGERS CROSSED.

What does YOUR kitchen at work look like?


xoxo, Miss Smalls


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