I started 2012 on hiatus

16 Jan

I did just as the title states.  You know, it’s one of those things where everyone makes their “resolutions” yet in a month they’ve fallen to the wayside?  I selfishly tried to avoid that whole thing so I started a bit…later.  I don’t like to promise something I can’t keep.

Here we are in 2012 and what have YOU decided this fine year to resolute?  Pick a goodie, because as we know, 2012, according to the Mayan’s it’s OVER this year.  Me? oh to blog more, bring my lunches to work and find my calling.  NBD.

ALRIGHTY, blog post #1 of 2012.  Lets talk hair removal, specifically hair waxing.  Yes, yes, I wish I could afford laser hair removal with the best of them but as an underpaid fashionista, I must go with the DIY.  As a Mexican-American I must admit leg hair has been enemy #1 since the age of 12..gross I know, but unless you’re a blessed European blonde you’re like me.

Ladies,  I wish I could show you the images of my first waxing circa 2007.  I got in trouble for shaving my legs at the tender age of 10 and so at 12 my mother decided I was ready for my first waxing (sorta looked like  this but more embarrassing…).

Yes that's how I felt....best way I could show you

Needless to say, WORST pain I’d experienced yet.  Greatest lesson: beauty IS pain because those few weeks of leg hairlessness were bliss.  Even greater lesson: it’s better when you’re over 21 and you can have a glass of wine before the torture.

wax on wax off

I decided to wax my legs in the new year to have 4 weeks of blissful hairlessness (crazy’s never learn).  On the right, we have the Sally Hansen Lavender wax kit that I’ve tried TWICE.  On the left, the wax kit I bought yesterday at Ricky’s.  Honey, if you are going to wax ANYTHING there is no comparison and I wish I would have known.  First off, the Sally Hansen is pretty good but I have to say for $12.99 you get the bare minimum (no pun intended).  It smells good, you get what you need but the wax does not take off the hairs like the GiGi does.  This =less pain more removal=genius!

For $16.00 at Ricky’s for the GiGi all Purpose Honee waxing kit you get the

  • Pre-wax cleanser
  • Wax off remover for the skin
  • “Skin foundation” post wax concealer to calm and conceal redness
  • Hair minimizer lotion

(this is obviously in addition to the wood spatulas and strips) so to me this alone is unmatched in deal.

I thought at first it was the muslin strips.  In the Sally Hansen kit they give you cloth strips.  However, I tried the lavender wax (Sally Hansen) with the muslin strips and it STILL was not as effective as the Honee wax.  I usually cry out in pain specifically around the ankle area where the skin is thinner, I’m telling you, the Honee wax not only was less painful but grabbed more hairs than the Lavender Sally Hansen wax.  Win Win.

Alright, I already feel I’ve written too much, I may have already lost you as a reader but TRUST, if you’re strapped on cash and need to remove the hair that guys believe was never there….go with the GiGi kit, you will thank Miss Smalls.


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