My Fav Prezzie

27 Dec

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone got everything they wanted and ate to your heart’s content.  I know I did, so that means I will be starting my juice cleanse and amp up the workout regime starting tomorrow.

The previous post was about the knuckle rings from this super great store in Brooklyn called Catbird on Bedford Ave. My boyfriend definitely listened to my hint got me the knuckle ring and two threadbare rings the I LOVE.  I chose the gold color since that seems to fare the best with my skin tone.

How cute do they look?

I am also a huge fan of this nail color.  In case you are wondering what color it is the perfect matte (I added a clear shine overcoat) red color by Deborah Lippmann called “It’s raining men.”  I swear nail polish companies come up with the best names.

"It's Raining Men"

Finally, here is moi with the great gift giver himself.

Wearing my favorite Merah earrings "The Sarah"

What was your favorite gift this Christmas?  Happy Holidays!!!!!!

xoxo, Miss Smalls

2 Responses to “My Fav Prezzie”

  1. Catherine December 27, 2011 at 2:38 am #

    I got a month of unlimited Bikram Yoga. That was my favorite gift. Rings are awesome.

    • misssmalls December 27, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

      Major!!! Gifts that take care of your body are perfect gifts. As a mom, wife, dresser, feeder etc (times a million more titles you hold) you deserve that gift. Merry Christmas!

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