Fav look of the day

8 Sep

Alrighty, time to jump back on the focus bandwagon. Enough with the “joys of traveling.” Most people who know me know I’m cursed when it comes to travel; delays, hurricanes, snowstorms…you name it, are the norm for me. I need  a St. Christopher for REALS (accepting donations).

Anyways, as a precursor to Fashion Week and Fashion Night Out I wanted to share with you the most fabulously on trend horse I’ve encountered. I saw this beaut while walking down the amazing streets of Austin, Texas (love that town). As you can see she’s immaculately groomed, sporting the trendy side french braid with a cute side swept bang and great eyewear to boot. Not only does this horse sport a great hairstyle, she has the hottest hoof pedi….silver sparkle. So ahead of the curve.

High Class Fashionista

Hoof Pedi


If you want to sport sparkle chic too and you’re in NYC tomorrow for Fashion’s Night Out, head to Nars and snag the limited edition sparkle lacquer….Odyssey nail polish ($17). I want one! Happy FNO!

Image from Silverlipsbeauty.com

Note: This will only be available Sept 8.


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