New Obsession: Merah Earrings, Fashion Without Pain

5 May

Yes, I said it…Fashion Without the Pain!

The "Sarah"

I am one of many who suffer through metal allergies to wear a fun pair of earrings to go out.  Of course, I barely last through dinner and end up putting them in my bag, hence why I usually wear a cocktail ring or cuff.

A friend of mine has solved all this.  She recently launched Merah, a fantastic line of fashionable earrings at amazing prices.  The hooks are made of an element similar to solid gold but at a fraction of the price.  This element is non-reactive and is commonly used in medical implants!

Merahs’ earrings range from $21.00-$46.00.  I definitely want more pairs and at those prices how could anyone just buy one pair?  They are perfect gift ideas and the packaging they arrive in is equally beautiful.

Showing off my new Merah earrings

I wore the “Sarah” to work yesterday and I got so many compliments and people asking me to email them the link that I knew I HAD to spread the word.

These beauties will make your outfit, you have to check out her other styles.  There is something for everyone’s style and taste. You can visit her website at Shopmerah or “Like” her Facebook.

Finally! Gorgeous earrings without the sore ears, at an unbeatable price and supporting a friends’ business….can’t get anymore fabulous than that.


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