Reasons Why You Should Start Sprinkling Turmeric On Your Food

10 Sep

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I love the idea that Mother Nature has provided us the cure to most ailments, we’ve just got to discover them.   According to the Alzheimer’s Association, an American develops the disease every 68 seconds.  In 2050, an American will be affected every 33 seconds.  If you’re born in 1985 like me, this means our generation will be 65 by 2050, the age where a lot of Americans are affected by this degenerative disease. My grandmother was affected by Alzheimer’s at the end of her life and as there is yet a cure to be discovered, I figured why not eat the foods that are believed to help ward it off the disease JUST IN CASE.  I like to think in preventative measures when it comes to aging (wrinkles included).

Turmeric or curcumin, has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine.  You can google “the health benefits of turmeric” and a plethora of articles will be available to you.  I highly recommend that you take some time to read these articles because it’s really eye-opening what this spice can do.  What I found on WebMD is that turmeric works an anti-inflammatory within the body.  Therefore, it is believed that it can help with ailments such as arthritis, heartburn, gallbladder problems, bloating, headaches, colds, depression, water retention, menstrual problems, cancer and many more.  What we don’t realize is that a lot of cancers and diseases are caused by chronic inflammation in our bodies which is why we need to eat foods that reduce internal inflammation.  Without getting side tracked, this is a good article on what foods to avoid if you are wondering what causes inflammation within the body.

What I ALSO love about turmeric is it’s beautification properties!!  Hello!? How amazing is this spice???


Image from A STYLd LIFE

It can literally help you get gorgeous glowing skin while fighting wrinkles.  Turmeric is chock-full of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation properties which will treat your skin/acne from the inside out.  You can also easily make some at home masks applying turmeric directly on the skin.  A warning about this: if you decide to try it, use an old wash cloth as the turmeric will stain whatever it comes into contact with.  Liz Marie, from the LizMarieblog has an excellent blog post on making your own turmeric mask step-by-step at home, check it out!

What can you do to start incorporating turmeric into your diet?  What I’ve been doing is sprinkling it on my lunches and dinners so I’m eating it without even realizing it.  I like to add it to quinoa, kale, salads, scrambled eggs, chicken, veggie dishes basically anything! Without making a curry, you can just add a teaspoon to most dishes and you won’t even notice a taste.

If you want some recipes to start incorporate turmeric into your diet, here are some good recipes:

Bobby Flay’s Oven Roasted Cauliflower With Turmeric And Ginger

Golden Turmeric Latkes With Applesauce

Honey Wings With Turmeric

Carrot Orange Turmeric Juice-a great detox juice!

So go forth and start using this gorgeous spice to beautify your skin and keep your mind sharp for years to come! That, we can all agree on fabulous.

xo, Miss S


Visit Ambers Apothecary Talk for her turmeric mask recipe! (Click on this image)



Burn, Baby, Burn

6 Sep

Last week I tried my first Brooklyn Body Burn class.  O.M.G. Now I know why it was dubbed “Pilates on crack.” The class itself is challenging, you’re shaking, sweating but definitely feeling it in the right hard to target areas (are you scared?! don’t worry it’s nothing you can’t handle).  The next day and the following 4 days, I was hurtin’.  That says A LOT.  I go running regularly in addition to  going to the gym, attending full body conditioning classes, boot camps you name it.  So for me to be THAT sore for that length of time, tells me this is serious.  It’s not the cheapest class but you know what, the way I look at it, it’s an investment in your body and you only got one.

The great thing about this class is that it was created by a classically trained ballet dancer, Tracy Karlinsky.  Which is why I love it so much.  Especially as a runner, I need a workout that is going to lengthen and strengthen the muscles that I don’t activate while running.  The workout targets your arms, abs, and every inch of the booty.  If you live in Williamsburg and are looking for a challenging workout to tone and tighten, THIS IS IT!  I can’t wait to see the results from after a month! I’m hooked! Heading back for more burn tomorrow morning.

If you want more information you can check out their website and watch their video here


image via (not me but I’m hoping for those arms!)


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Now That Summer’s Over, You’ll Need A Fabulous Swim Suit For Sp’ 2014

6 Sep

Well it’s Fashion Week here in NYC and that means lots and lots of amazing outfits, reminding me Fall is approaching and I NEED to go shopping because of course, I have nothing to wear (life story).  However, the shows are for Spring 2014 so obviously I’m thinking hmm…what swim should I be wearing for 2014.

My amazing friend Jodie Boland, is an incredibly talented makeup artist who is constantly jetting around the world (super jell) making beautiful women more incredibly beautiful.   Today she was the lead Makeup Artist for the Australian Spring 2014 line, Zimmermann.  I highly recommend you take a peek at their website if you’re not familiar with the line, the swim is  to die.   I literally Want. Everything.

photo 2

My friend Kate and I at Lincoln Center

photo 3

Having a “look! that’s my friend” moment

My iPhone however, was not my friend on capturing the looks, so to spare you bad blurry photos here are some professional shots of my favorites from


Image Courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Image courtesy of


Photo courtesy of


Photo courtesy of


The designer, Nicky Zimmermann.

Amazing right!? I can see myself in the black long sleeve suit, hair in a chic chignon with some champers lounging at Soho House with Jodie wink* wink*  Follow Jodie’s travels on her instagram: jodieboland.  Happy Fashion Week!

Our UK Trip P. Deux

26 Jun

After our stay in London, it was time to pack up and drive towards Cornwall for the wedding.  We headed south to Calne to visit an old friend of my dad’s whom I hadn’t seen since that first picture you saw in P.1.  When I was a kid I totally thought he sounded like a pirate!  It was DEFINITELY worth the stop.  We got to drive through the back roads off the main highway and see the country.  The colors were INSANE.  All that rain, makes for a gorgeous landscape.


Thatched roof buildings

We really wanted a typical British pub lunch. JR took us to this amazing place, the Bridge Inn in Horton….I mean….definitely not in Brooklyn anymore! We had really good food, the people were incredibly hospitable and we had a great time catching up.  Thanks John! If you want to check this place out, here’s the link to their website


The Bridge Inn, Devizes, England


The sun decided to finally come out this day! Chilly, but sunny! I’ll take it.


Their beautiful back garden

P1040208 P1040199



The ever fabulous JR! Thank you for the hospitality and yummy pub lunch!

Once again, sadly, we had to continue on.  We had VERY important business to take care of.  Onward we continued, without a map, without “sat nav” only JR’s instructions and me praying Mike would remember the way.



Hi cows!

Finally, we made it to Mecca.  Mike has had me watching every show, history channel EVERYTHING on (drumroll please) THE ROCKS! aka Stonehenge.

I cannot state how big of a deal this was.  Mike being from Liverpool, has never once in his life visited Stonehenge so  this was a must on our way to Cornwall.  BEHOLD!


This will be Mike’s new album cover


IMG_1901 IMG_1902 IMG_1904 IMG_1907

It’s a bit “ruiny” it but will be nice when it’s finished.

We got some ice cream and headed south west to Cornwall.


The whole reason we were taking this trip was to celebrate Mike’s cousin Graeme getting married.  We finally made it to our hotel, the Wheal Tor.  Although the weather was very unpredictable, we did get to see the view on the day of the wedding.  I forgot to take a picture so I’m borrowing this one from their Facebook page.  This is the exact view we got, it was breath-taking. Freezing, but breathtaking.


The best part was all the animals they had! They had chickens, pigs, guinea fowl and a pet lamb! The breakfasts they cook are locally sourced and their eggs and meat come from their animals.


Petting pigs!


the lamb that thought he was doggie


The morning of the wedding we decided to check out the nearest town. Looe! Yes, it’s really called Looe.  Although the morning started off with a downpour, LUCKILY, it decided to clear up and we had a great time with Mike’s brother and his family discovering this gorgeous town! We ate pasties, clotted cream, clotted cream fudge and tea! (everything naughty)

P1040245 P1040246 P1040247

Mike and his nephew, Alex


This building is from the 17th Century!

P1040249 P1040252 P1040255

What was once a jail….


Some local Looe fashion

P1040257 P1040258 P1040260 P1040261 P1040268

photo-10 photo-9

I guess boys will always be boys 😉 Mike and his brother messing with a giant piece of seaweed…….


And of course, Cornish goodies!


It was then time to get ready for the wedding.  The Bride, Corrine couldn’t have picked a more beautiful venue.  It was held at The Green in Cornwall.  You should definitely check out their website if you’re planning a visit.  Their cottages were divine! A perfect Cornish getaway. Thank you to both families for allowing us to share your day!


Corrine and Graeme 6.15.13


Just Hitched! Mike’s cousin the groom



The back of the brides beautiful dress-loved that it was NOT strapless 😉

Signing the documents, the gorgeous couple!


Mike’s mum, Lynda and his Auntie Hillary

P1040285 P1040289

Mike and his cousins, the Groom’s brothers


The Bride’s bouquet


Table settings of various tea sets sourced from around England

P1040313 P1040314

Proud new parents! Mike’s nephew Tom and his girlfriend Helen


Love is in the air! Mike’s Uncle Allen and his Auntie Hillary

P1040321 IMG_1943

Mike’s mum Lynda, made the GORGEOUS cake!



The happy couple



On the right, cousin   nephew Alex, brother Andy





After a fun eve of dancing, drinks, and celebrating love the party sadly, must come to an end.  Mike snapped this great shot the day after and I think it’s a great image to end it on.  We had a great time traveling around London and traveling to Cornwall then onto Devon. Thank you to the bride and groom and both families for having us and allowing us to help celebrate your special day.  Have fun in Bali!!!! xoxo

Our Trip To The UK P.1

22 Jun

Ours, like many others begins with a flight to Heathrow Airport in England.  We began our adventure in London off the Oval stop.  This was my first time returning to London since I was wee little nipper.  The picture on the left is obviously Christmas (we still have those apple decorations) and the image on the right was taken in Calne, England which will bring me to P.2 of the blog post.

My boyfriends’ auntie Carol owns flat in which we stayed the first two nights..thanks John and Carol!  The place is on this amazingly cute street, just as I’d imagined.


Attempting to look posh

Mike’s crazy talented niece, Lucy, who unfortunately couldn’t make it to the wedding surprised us with a visit!!! Sneaky, sneaky…

Albeit short, we had a lovely dinner at the Fentiman Arms. A really cute restaurant with outdoor space (shocker, it was raining so we sat indoors). Should you find yourself in the area, I suggest to give it a go! Here is their website just in case you want to check them out, food was delish.

Here they are in typical Uncle/Niece business (sorry Luce! had to post this, was too cute!)


Muckin’ about


on second thought, should have moved that wine glass…..


Can’t go to England and not have a pint!


At the Fentiman Arms. Mike, Lucy, Mike’s mum, Lynda, n’ me

Since our dear Lucy had to bid us adieu, it was time to use what little energy we had to spend it around town.  You’ll notice I’m going to be wearing pretty much the same outfit each day on every part of the trip as it was FREEZING and raining EVERYDAY (thanks England) and I brought nothing that was for this climate.  I don’t know what I thought the temperature would be but it was definitely NOT summer.

So, I bought a brolly and I sashay’d my way down into the tube and headed for london!


We only had one day to sight-see in London so we hit the mega spots.  Of course, our first stop was Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and …..Buckingham Palace! or “Buck house” as the locals like to call it.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 10.51.18 AM

photo 3

I guess the ominous clouds are the perfect backdrop!

photo 2

You might be asking yourself what this image is about.  Mike thought it mighty important to document as this is “lucky heather” that is given to the tourists walking by the gypsies in exchange for money.  It’s supposed to shorten your stay in purgatory….however they were just lying all over the streets! So make sure you pick it up if you’d like to get yourself out of purgatory a bit quicker, oh, and it may bring you a bit of luck! Nothing wrong with that…..


“me lucky heather!”-Mike

But of course what is a trip without some memorabilia?


An egg holder and a x-mas tree decoration that was too cute to pass up

So onward we trekked, Mike saluted his country and his Queen……..

photo 5

We saw the fab outfits the guards sport, they looked SUPER happy I thought



photo-1 P1040157

As we were going to be missing the “Trooping of Colour” to commemorate the Queen’s birthday (being held the following day), I thought we’d pop on by and wish her well.


photo 3-2

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 7.05.34 PM 2 photo 1-1 photo 5-2

Weirdly enough, I saw Harry staring down from the window! Hey boo!


After much pomp and circumstance, it was time for some shopping.



If you love your department stores, this place is worth the stop.  Located on Regent street in the West End this building simply BEAUTIFUL! After conducting some research, enlightened me on the fact that this building was constructed from the timbers of two ships the HMS Impreganable and the HMS Hindustan (errrm ok).  Anyways, the woodwork in the building was just gorgeous.  The interior looked like Shakespeare’s theatre, words cannot describe, you’ll have to just scroll for the images. I highly recommend going in and taking a gander and walking the multiple levels of this jewel.


This beautiful building was founded in 1875!


photo courtesy from Amy Arch on Flikr


Looking up!

We headed around through little streets, don’t the buildings look fantastic???



That’s one way to save on parking!

Stopped to use the phone on my phone……


Hi Ma!

Finally, we ended up at a local pub so Mike could meet up with his mates and we had a blast!

P1040057P1040037 P1040039

And no night is complete without a stop to, but of course, the CHIPPY!!!!!

photo 4-2

Thanks for reading!!! P.2 will follow us to Cornwall and Devon

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